Career advice

When employees feel joy from their work, the company performs more effectively.

Career consultations help a person find his/her place in the organization, find new horizons leading to self-development.

When is the career consultation necessary?

To plan the career properly one should:

What can we offer?

We are happy to introduce our LifeWriter project.

LifeWriter is the service provided to common people, developed on the basis of our unique corporate instruments. Ever before Detech Group tests and questionnaire were only available to corporate clients, but now everyone may use it.

Lifewriter ‘s mission is to accompany person’s development along all his/her professional career and help him/her create the future, write his/her life.

LifeWriter team offers the types of services from which one may choose in accordance to his/her needs.

If you want to know how effectively you work in a team, what is your input into team work and what do you need to be even more effective, please choose “Essay”, “Your teamplayer type” report.

If you want to know what type of communication you prefer in communication with your subordinates, please choose “Essay”, “Your management style” report.

If you want to know what individual features you base on in sales and what else could you base on, please choose “Essay”, “Your influence style” report.

If you would like to get a full assessment of your strong point and the development areas, please choose “Story”.

If you want to get a complex assessmentof your personality features, intellectual abilities, motivation factors and also talk about all of the indiceswith the professional consultant, please choose “Interview”.