Assessment of professional knowledge and skills

Why is this important?

There are several sources of risks at the production site – external conditions, equipment and people. Influencing each of the factors may help to diminish the risk of traumatic incidents.

In order to solve the problem with the traumatic incidents it is crucial to konow if people understand the rules. With the results of such survey at hand it is possible to decide the next steps. Hereyoumayreadaboutthepossiblesolutions.

Which instruments should be used?

We suggest the implementation of professional knowledge tests. These tests evaluate the level of specific knowledge: technical specifications, instructions, safety regulations and rules.

The tests are represented by series of short questions on safety regulations and rules divided into three parts:

Detech experts will help ypu solve the problem and elaborate the tests of professional knowledge, including Safety rules, taking into account the specifics of your requirement. If your organisations already has professional tests we may perform the expertise of the existing instruments and suggest improvement. Along with this Detech will train your specialists in tests elaboration.