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Within any organization there are always people who are able to do more and better than others due to their abilities and personal qualities that best suit the requirements of the work and the goals of the organization. We determine personal qualities and competencies of managers and employees that are critical for the company to achieve its strategic goals. We then select methods for assessing personal qualities and skills that allow us to accurately identify talent within the organization and among external candidates.

We can not only predict with high accuracy the success of a person in a particular position, but also determine his growth potential, taking into account the prospects for the development of the organization. We provide specific advice to managers on how to maximize their personal potential and the potential of their subordinates to improve their performance and achieve career goals.


For the development of the personnel of your company, we can offer the following products that have already successfully proven themselves in Europe:

  1. Practical recommendations for the development of competencies
  2. Competency Development Guides

Practical recommendations for the development of competencies

These recommendations contain various ways to develop certain competencies. They include recommended actions and behaviors, useful literature, training descriptions that will help you achieve success and develop the necessary competencies.
We advise you to use these guidelines to create Individual Development Plans based on the results of a development center or a 360 degree assessment.

Competency Development Guides
(Competency Based Workbooks)

These guides were developed to help employees learn as much as possible about a particular competency. Each guide includes questionnaires and questionnaires, theoretical material and possible behaviors, various exercises that contribute to the development of skills related to a particular competency. You can do these exercises at your own pace or with the help of counselors.

The off-the-shelf guides currently available cover the following competencies:

  • Leadership;
  • Teamwork;
  • Business understanding;
  • Persuasiveness in communication;
  • Creativity;
  • Planning and organization;
  • Problem analysis;
  • Rationality and decisiveness;
  • Interpersonal understanding;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Customer orientation;

The guides can be tailored to fit your competency matrix as closely as possible.

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