Integrity assessment

In virtually all companies, depending on the business sector, positions are included in the zone of risk from the perspective of corporate fraud.
Events that may be qualified as fraud in companies occur on the following grounds:

  • Imperfections in procedures (lack of registration or errors in registration systems, the ability to perform risky operations);
  • The actions of intruders (deliberate violation of the rules to make a profit to the detriment of the organization);
  • Unconsciously aiding and abetting intruders or the mistakes of individuals.

We propose a comprehensive system aimed at preventing corporate fraud at organizations by introducing improvements to the employee selection procedures for positions related to the risk of fraud. Our in-house methods make it possible to eliminate all the aforementioned risks.

Definition of risks

Employees and candidates‘ assessment for being propene to breach of rules. Investigation of certain fraud cases.

Technology transfer

Teaching the safety services and HR employees the methodology of lie recognition during the interview. Teaching the employees the methodology of assessment for being propene to breach of rules.


Analysis of materials and regular research for validity for improvement of assessment precision.

What instruments do we use?

Identification of false messages in interviews training
We recommend this training course for everybody at work who has to identify lies in interviews, for example, management, recruiters, the employees of security services, including during corporate fraud investigations.
Deep Integrity Questionnaire
DEEP Integrity allows to assess a person in terms of key features, influencing the propensity to perform illegal actions.

8 out of 10 cases of risks defined within DEEP Integrity are proven by polygraph.
The methodology is developed by Detech in 2011 on the basis of analysis of fraud investigations in Russia and abroad.

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