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Personnel is a strategic asset that ensures the effectiveness of any commercial firm, manufacturing enterprise, government bodies and organizations with state participation, non-profit organizations. From the abilities, talents, knowledge and skills of the staff depends the quality with which the work will be done, how satisfied the external and internal customers will be. Properly selected methods and tools for assessing candidates for a task allow you to win the war for talent.

The next stage after hiring is the effective management of an employee, which allows achieving the maximum values of performance indicators in a particular position, on the one hand minimizing the risks associated with burnout and demotivation.

As part of projects for the implementation of staff assessment systems in an organization, we do the following:

  • We define evaluation criteria in the form of job requirements, professional and personal competencies, abilities, skills, and values that are significant for achieving the set goals and obtaining the desired results.
  • We offer methods for assessing the potential of a candidate both for external recruitment and for planning professional growth, development, and career of an employee within the organization.
  • We implement assessment projects on our own or by transferring assessment technology within the organization.
  • We give specific recommendations on strengths and areas for development both for individual employees and for entire teams and departments.
  • We help build an assessment and certification system that works to improve the quality of management and allows you to make decisions based on objective data.

How evaluation work is carried out within the framework of the personnel cycle in the organization.
First, an organization must shape evaluation criteria – values, competencies, risk factors that need to be checked with the candidate. An organization can use as its own competency model, for example, the standardized “20 Facets” model developed by the Detech group of companies, security management competencies, if it is a manufacturing company, customer service competencies, and a number of others.

Further, at the stage of selection and hiring, an online assessment is most effective. It allows you to quickly evaluate the candidate’s abilities, his potential for development, compliance with corporate values and competencies, strengths and risks. All with high quality and at minimal cost,

To do this, we have developed the ONTARGET online assessment system, which presents:

  • Ability tests of various levels – from working and junior office staff.
  • Personality questionnaires, in particular, the DEEP personality questionnaire, which allows you to assess personality traits that are important for doing work, determine the potential for the development of certain competencies, team behavior styles, leadership and subordination styles, and much more.
  • Motivational questionnaire DEEP Drivers, which evaluates 15 motivational factors and provides a detailed motivational profile of an employee in the context of motivators and demotivators.
  • DEEP Integrity Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Unproductive Behavior and Fraud.
  • DEEP Safety questionnaire for working personnel, assessing safety competencies, risks of unsafe behavior, propensity for violations, alcohol abuse, etc.

Another common staff assessment tool is the competency-based-interview. We train employees of organizations to conduct interviews on values and competencies. In this case, both the standardized competency model “20 faces” and the competency model of the customer organization can be used. To make the interview process as technologically advanced as possible, we are developing a special guide (guide) for conducting interviews.

When hiring key managers, there may be a need for a deeper assessment of candidates, their skills and potential for development.

It can be done during an assessment center or development center. The technology of their implementation is similar, but in the first case, the emphasis is on the candidate’s compliance with corporate competencies and position requirements, and in the second, on assessing the potential for development and elaboration of individual development plans and recommendations.

We can conduct an assessment center or a development center for our clients, or we can train specialists of the client’s organization to conducting assessment centers, incl. using the online technology of conducting a remote assessment center on Magisterium platform. We can develop business exercises for the customer to assess staff competencies in various fields, like strategic thinking, role-playing games for assessing the skills of interacting with subordinates, clients, colleagues, management, group exercises for assessing communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

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