Assessment Centers

Assessment center is a structured procedure of watching people in the situations that are very close to those appearing at work, and assessment of their behavior in such situations.

During the assessment center a group of participants perform different exercises monitored by professional observers, who evaluate each participant in accordance with a range of predefined behavior examples (competencies) directly related to work. What is considered to be the right behavior and what is wrong is defined in advance. The decision on whether participants’ results meet the requirements is taken during the integral session (when all of the results are brought together) via analysis of all data.

The aim of the assessment center is to evaluate participants’ competencies objectively. It is mostly the exercises imitation day-to-day work situations that are imitated within assessment center, but it is also possible to include competency based interview and psychometric methods.

We recommend using the Business Exercise Catalog for Evaluation and Development Centers.

This is the most comprehensive catalog that includes a wide range of business exercises. The catalog contains exercises developed by the British company A&DC – one of the world leaders in the field of competency assessment and leadership development. The exercises were translated and adapted to Russian realities by Detech consultants.

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