Team assessment

Can your team elaborate an effective development strategy for your company and cope with ambitious targets set for the team? What is your team missing? How can you raise the effectiveness of team interaction?

Detech consultants will help you answer these questions basing on the unique assessment methods.

The team is assessed on the basis of three criteria


The existence of all the required roles for the effective work of the team as a whole.


The existence of strengths that determine the effective performance of each manager in particular and the team as a whole, and also possible personality-based restrictions and work risks related to them.


The ability to effectively replace any manager during his/her absence.

As a result of the diagnostics Detech consultants create «Team portrait», which includes all the possible risks and development areas.

Management team portrait

Diagnostics + Development = Effectiveness increase.

Assessment of the senior management team is required

  • If there is a change in the corporate development strategy, in order to understand the team’s ability to realize a new strategy;
  • When the owner or managingcompany wants to improve the performance of the management team;
  • When the owner or managingcompany wants to introduce changes within the management team;
  • During succession planning.

The progress drivers: innovators in the team

Modern world demands the development. That is why is when companies have to count on employees, who can provide the innovational development, more than ever.

Thanks to the unique Detech methodology, it’s possible to define and develop the innovativeness of your team.

How does the analysis of innovativeness look like?

You may use individual reports for detailed understanding of innovational potential of every single team member, as well as group reports for overall opinion. You may read more on this here (Innovation stimulation)

What comes next?

  • The barriers and brakes for innovations are removed;
  • The innovative environment is formed;
  • The development program for innovators and innovation leaders is created.
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