Job Analysis and Competency Design

For all HR professionals in the field of personnel assessment and development


Duration: 3 days

Location: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya, 75

Format: corporate

Goal of the training course

The goal is to enable participants of the training course to master different methods of work analyzing for subsequent competencies modeling and for introducing improvements to the existing competency model.

At the training you will learn how to:

  • Effectively identify knowledge and skills that are critical for successful work of a candidate or employee at a specific position.
  • Collect the required information by using a number of methods: repertory grids, critical incidents, personal specifications, forecasting interview, attribute hierarchy method.
  • Develop competency-based model and compile the candidate profile on the basis of the data collected through work analysis methods.
  • Develop positive and negative behavioral indicators.
  • Apply criteria and principles for the correct modeling of competencies, distinguish an effective competency-based model from an ineffective one, avoid typical errors that arise when modeling competencies.



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