Team assessment

For HRD and HR managers who want to base their managerial decisions on the needs of the business, for coaches and consultants who work with TOP managers, managers and their teams


Duration: 1 day

Price: 24 000 ₽

Location: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya, 75

Format: corporate, open, online

     Key features:

  • technological approach
  • practical tryout of team assessment
  • based on many years of Detech practice and research

     Course for:

  • HRD and HR-managers, who want to make managerial decisions based on the needs of the business
  • coaches and consultants, who work with top managers, managers and their teams

     Training goals:

  • learn how to use tests and questionnaires to evaluate teams
  • learn how to analyze test results and how to draw correct conclusions about the teams
  • learn how to correlate intellectual potential, competence development potential, innovative potential, key motivators and demotivators for different teams
  • learn how to identify and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of different teams
  • learn how to form teams taking into account team roles, leadership and submission styles
  • learn how to create “safe crews” in the workplace using safe behavior assessment tools
  • get acquainted with options for visualizing the results of evaluations and for preparing recommendations for the customer (internal / external)

     You will also find out:

  • how to use the innovation leadership index
  • how to use the innovator index
  • how to create a portrait of a management team
  • how to select a team for hazardous production
  • how to develop a plan for the training and development of management team competencies

     Course program:

  • work with the customer (internal / external), identifying needs, formulating a request
  • Ontarget system, tests, report structure
  • features of team assessment report analysis
  • assessment sequence, stages
  • competency model, strengths and areas for team development
  • team portrait, Belbin Model, MBTI
  • conformity of leadership and submission styles in a team
  • innovation assessment
  • team motivators and demotivators
  • management of team safe behavior on production
  • practical exercise