Case Cornerstone

“Cornerstone” is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Moscow, specializing in the field of high profile personnel recruitment (executive search and headhunting), mid-level employees recruitment (management selection) and HR consulting.

Olga Voroshilova,

Partner, Director of the departments “Pharmaceuticals”, “Real Estate & Construction”, “Consumer Goods” and “Agro-Industrial complex”.

Posed problems

The company N turned to Olga Voroshilova because of the problems in the work of one of the structural divisions. Conflicts began to occur when employees manifested initiative. The team was unable to effectively work during the absence of the manager. Besides, the leadership talent pool was not formed.


Olga decided to use the personality and motivational questionnaires developed by Detech Co. The questionnaire enables to identify the individual qualities of a department manager of a company, as well as its ability to manage the team. The questionnaire is the best solution for evaluation the team as a whole. The competencies diagnosis of employees of a department (team roles, subordination styles and leader management style) can show the full picture what is happening  fact and what approaches are to be taken to correct the problem.

The following plan of actions was designed to meet the set conditions:

  • to diagnose the team to reveal the conformity of the leader management styles and employees subordination styles
  • to assess the level of the team balance for having all team roles
  • to assess managerial competence of a leader and his ability to effectively lead a team
  • to assess the management capacity and motivation of the team members on career development

Assessment results

The analysis of the Head and members of the team of personal qualities  showed the causes of conflict situations in the structural unit. The head was undiplomatic and irritable, while the staff was extremely vulnerable and could poorly control their emotions. Hence, the frequent conflicts.

The team has not an employee with bright leadership potential, career development-oriented and able to assume the role of a leader in this situation.

The head has not formed a personnel reserve, perhaps realizing that among her subordinates there was not a potential leader, and perhaps because of the reluctance to communicate with subordinates and low self-esteem.

Decisions made

As a result, the company decided to transfer the head of a structural unit to another department. A new head has been appointed. Namely, the team member who had the best record in the motivational and personality questionnaires, compared with his colleagues.