Leadership in a Turbulent Environment

VUCA world, TUNA world… It has different names. But the essence is the same – a world in which everything is changing rapidly, everything is unstable, a world in which turbulence is high, in which what worked before does not work today, and something long forgotten can turn into an innovation. It is especially difficult in the world of VUCA for leaders of large organizations, because it is there that there is more inertia and a longer change management cycle.

The Detech group of companies, together with its partner, the British company a&dc*, has developed a program for assessing and developing leaders in the LIVED paradigm:

Learning – continuous learning and self-development.
Intellect is intelligence capable of solving complex problems.
Values – values and management by values.
Emotions – emotional intelligence and relationship building.
Drive – drive and proactivity.

This program, as required in a turbulent world, is easily adapted to various tasks and formats, and can last from 1 to 5 days depending on the depth of study of the material. The program includes a large amount of work with the participants’ own material, their cases, tasks and problems.

* Assessment and development consultants.

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