Development of innovative potential

Every organization has people that are capable of doing more and better than others, due to their abilities and personal features, that best fit the job requirements and the goals of the organization.

We identify the personal features and competencies of managers and staff members, that are critical for companies to reach their strategic goals. Then, we choose the correct evaluation methods of personal features and skills, that would allow to identify talents within the organization, and among external candidates, as accurately as possible.
Not only can we predict the successfulness of a person on a specific position within the
organization, with high probability, but also identify his growth potential adjusted to the
potential development of the organization. We give specific recommendations to the management on the ways of maximizing their personal potential, as well as the potential of their employees, in
order to maximize their work effectiveness, and achieve desired career goals.


We can provide the following staff development products, that have proven to be successful in

  1. Practical recommendations for the development of competencies
  2. Competency Based Workbooks

Practical recommendations for the development of competencies

These recommendations include various options for the self-development of specific competencies.
They include recommended actions and behavior patterns, useful literature, and descriptions of
training courses that would help you in achieving success, and furthering the development of your required competencies.

We suggest using these recommendations in order to form individualized development plans, based on the development center or the “360 degrees” evaluation results.

Competency Based Workbooks

These workbooks were developed with the idea of helping staff member to learn as much as
possible about specific competencies. Every workbook includes questionnaires and forms, theoretic material and potential behavior patterns, various exercise questions aimed at developing skills associated with certain competencies. These exercises tasks can be completed at a comfortable pace individually , or with the help of consultants.

Workbooks that are currently available, cover the following competencies:

  • Leadership;
  • Team work;
  • Business insight;
  • Persuasiveness in socializing;
  • Creativity;
  • Planning and organization skills;
  • Problem analysis;
  • Rationality and decisiveness;
  • Interpersonal communication;
  • Ability to cope with stress;
  • Client orientation;

Workbooks can be specifically fitted to ensure maximum compliance with you competency matrix.

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