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A number of directors and owners of companies, statesmen and deputies declare that innovation is needed and that in today’s world innovation is a key competitive advantage. Different programmes are proposed to stimulate innovation and create an “innovation climate”, training courses are conducted on innovative thinking, management of innovations, innovation-based management, etc.
However, just as there were no innovations previously, there are none today.


Let us discover the source of innovations. They are created by individuals.
Are innovations possible without innovators? – No.
Will innovators work and create something new at a place where management doesn’t hear them, where it is incapable of assessing their ideas and solutions, where bureaucracy, over-cautiousness and a fear of responsibility create insurmountable obstacles to the path “from idea to conveyor”? The answer is no.

The conclusion to be drawn here is very simple. The innovation potential of an organisation is the potential of its executives and employees.
We propose an assessment methodology consisting of an innovation leader index for senior executives and innovator index for employees. You can read more details here.

Assessments of these indicators enable you to understand:
– How much your organisation is in principle able to implement innovation development strategies.
– The strengths and weaknesses of your organisation when it comes to the development of innovation.
– The specific steps that should be taken, so that innovations become a reality and a seamless part of the organisation’s work.

We propose a number of programmes to develop the innovation potential of an organisation. For example, a workshop on the development of innovations for management.

During the development of innovation teams, we also offer support by facilitating strategic sessions, holding development sessions with the team and individual executives, delivering training courses tailored to a specific request.

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