Assessment of candidates

The main goal of the recruiter within a massive flow of candidates and a large number of similar vacancies is to create a so called funnel helping to choose the most relevant candidates at each step.

The selection system should help employing the specialists whose competencies meet the position requirement in the best possible way.

In order to increase the effectiveness of personnel assessment we recommend  using online tests in the first step of selection combining it with the interview or assessment centers in in the final steps case of top positions.

ONTARGET —  is the first fully distance personnel assessment system in Russia.

Online assessment benefits

  1. Candidates may access the system from any computer independently from their location.
  2. Candidates may fulfill the tests on their own (there is no need of administrator).
  3. The company employee may see the results right after the test was fulfilled.
  4. The results of candidates are ranged.
  5. There is a possibility to generate individual reports on each candidate’s results.
  6. Testing might be performed at any time of the day and in any order.
  7. Same as it is in paper version, it is possible to try the examples before starting the actual evaluation.
  8. The invitation process is automated.

The future of personnel assessment business relies on the technology development. Online assessment unites affordability, high-speed of data processing and high reliability of used methods.

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